PinkaBella – South Center Mall

With the opening of the fifth location, in South Center Mall, PinkaBella needed the ‘first’ illuminated sign that Margo’s company has required. In the past years of operation, PinkaBella’s signage had been Non-illuminated, dimensional. But with the fifth location being in the Westfield, South Center Mall, there were different signage criteria than what Margo had encountered in the past.

That is when she turned to Heath Northwest for the custom illuminated signage required. Heath Northwest worked with Westfield on the design criteria and altered the design a bit to fit their needs, as well as keeping the costs down for PinkaBella.

The finished product was an LED illuminated ceiling display with various dimensional elements.

As you can see, the signage turned out beautifully and fits very well within the retail space.

When in the South Center Mall, please come by and take a look at the signage, and purchase one of Margo’s tasty treats.